AdvoCats for Human Rights offers support through safety pins

Georgia Sampson, Staff Writer

In the wake of the election, clubs such as AdvoCats for Human Rights and the Gay-Straight Alliance reached out to their members to console those who felt scared after the results surfaced. On Monday, Nov. 14, AdvoCats held a meeting for those who were finding it hard to come to terms with the results of the election.

  According to Ms. Andrea Lara, the advisor for AdvoCats for Human Rights, this meeting drew a crowd of 30 people, one of the largest groups AdvoCats had ever had at a meeting. During their session, they shared stories of threats, such as being harassed for supporting Hillary or opposing Trump, they had received after the election and why having a “safe person” is so important.

  The club encouraged its members to stay positive for themselves and others by wearing a safety pin on their clothes. The safety pin movement, inspired by Brexit, calls upon people to be a “safe person” to talk to if someone is being attacked or threatened by wearing a safety pin on their clothing. The club sent safety pins to teachers and students around the school who were happy to be supportive.

  Elisabeth Stevens, a new member of AdvoCats, said the safety pin means so much to the group because they are “trying to make a safe place for everyone who doesn’t feel safe. Whether that means you support Trump or you’re afraid he’s going to kick you out of the country.”

  The Gay-Straight Alliance is now following suit. The group has invited a representative from the Human Rights Campaign to speak about Trump’s win and how it will affect LGBTQ+ community members. This meeting will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 22 in room 258.

  During his campaign, Trump mocked a disabled reporter, made remarks about Mexican immigrants, and was heard on a leaked video joking about sexual harassment and assault. Trump’s running mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, is known for being controversially conservative, especially on the topics of gay marriage and abortions.

  These comments and viewpoints motivated members of AdvoCats and GSA to take action.