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“We Regret To Inform You”: College Admissions Have Changed

Sara Bogan, Managing Editor May 7, 2021

As college acceptance rates at highly-selective schools dropped to record-low percentages this year, college counselors have noted the toll that the pandemic took on admissions for the Class of 2021. Some...

The environmental costs of fast fashion

The environmental costs of fast fashion

Anika Raina, News Editor April 27, 2021

As the fast fashion industry has grown exponentially over the past few decades, consumers have gained unprecedented access to inexpensive and trendy clothing. While this may sound appealing to the average...

Accessed by a staircase that leads through the building and grounds areas, the roof of LHS has been largely updated since the building’s original construction. The frontmost area pictured above was part of the original building plan, but the majority of the areas in the back were added on later, according to Mr. Stancil.

Behind the Scenes: Exploring Lesser-Known Places Around LHS

Lily Hieronymus , Social Media Editor April 26, 2021

Though many students know the building well, LHS has several areas that students rarely, or in some cases, never see. This photo essay explores some of these areas, ranging from a behind-the-scenes look...

Many forms of social media contain vast amounts of information about current events from numerous sources. Some outlets, like Twitter, have dedicated tabs to showcase trending news, which are filled with both public comments and links from reputable news sources.


Molly Muscato, staff member April 23, 2021

When describing the goal of his life’s work, Mark Zuckerberg once said, “the thing that we are trying to do at Facebook is just help people connect and communicate more efficiently.” There’s no...

Libertyville High School has several solar panels installed on the northeast corner of the building, which were put in place seven years ago. These current panels do not generate a significant amount of electricity for the school.

The Building’s Energy

Hannah Sachs, Staff Member April 22, 2021

Libertyville High School’s building offers space to students, staff and guests for a wide range of activities throughout the entirety of the year. To hold activities such as academics, extra curriculars,...

Covid Waste is Littering Libertyville and our Planet

Covid Waste is Littering Libertyville and our Planet

Alex Clark, Staff Member April 22, 2021

Masks have become a part of the normal routine for people all over the world and are essential for protecting the population from Covid-19, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention....

Every class contains quieter kids that contrast their more extroverted peers. These students are quiet for a number of reasons.

Quiet but not overlooked

Liam Tucker, Data Manager April 19, 2021

Every class contains so-called “quiet kids,” students who don’t frequently volunteer answers or speak up during class. There are a number of reasons why a student may be naturally quieter. Matt...

Photo Courtesy of Jeremy Trigg
Sophomore Jeremy Trigg was surrounded by bags of his merchandise from his two clothing businesses, “JNF” and “JNF Kickz”

As Seen on TV: How Marketing Affects Teens

Sara Bogan, Managing Editor April 14, 2021

The practice of marketing has left some experts wondering about the extent of influence that companies have on the behavior of teenagers. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), companies...

LHS has its very own American Ninja Warrior: Kylie Hughes

LHS has its very own American Ninja Warrior: Kylie Hughes

Andrew Brooks, Staff Member April 10, 2021

“American Ninja Warrior” has become a nationwide phenomenon. The TV show challenges hundreds of people to compete on obstacle courses all around the country that test endurance, speed, grip strength,...

High school students striving for perfection set an extremely high bar for themselves, which can cause stress and anxiety if such a bar isn’t met.

Under Pressure

Molly Muscato, staff member March 18, 2021

In many ways, the experience of a phobia is similar to that of a nightmare. Literally referred to as irrational fears, these anxieties are largely baseless, and on some level, those who suffer from them...

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