Drops of Ink

This photo highlights the contrast between the two temperature modes at LHS. Remember, when it is too warm, you must keep cool; and, when it is too cool, keep a warm heart.

Temperature Tension: The quest to find the perfect classroom environment

Ella D'Amore and Marisa Tarica October 20, 2021

From frigid tundras to scorching deserts, classrooms within Libertyville High School (LHS) have a wide variety of differing temperatures. Some rooms among us are known to give the cold shoulder, while...

Chloe Cashman, senior, showing off her “95% secondhand” wardrobe.

Fashion Forward: Style at LHS

Liv Martin, Staff Member October 14, 2021

At this point, most people are probably sick of hearing about COVID this and quarantine that, but that doesn’t change the fact that quarantine had a powerful and lasting effect on everyone and everything,...

Seniors show their pride with Willy the Wildcat and swing the school’s flag. The first home football game theme was ‘orange out’, and every person was covered in orange to show their Wildcat spirit.

Revived and Raging: The Student Section

Sarah Wuh , Opinions Editor October 14, 2021

The pounding of hundreds of feet shakes the bleachers. A single voice chanting crescendos into a roar of yelling. It’s hot, it’s sticky. Arms flail. Throats scream. A chant started by the opposing...

Whats Trending: Valued Places in Libertyville

What’s Trending: Valued Places in Libertyville

Ella D'Amore, Staff Member October 14, 2021

The High School A “home away from home” for so many, Libertyville High School truly is the heart of the community. Students value LHS because of its inclusivity, comfort, and amenities. The high school...

English teacher Ryan Ebling grades student assignments while utilizing new grading practices. He is using a rubric that grades students on a scale from one to five.

Reassessing Assessments: New Grading Reforms

Jasmine Lafita, Online Editor October 14, 2021

The last year and a half has been full of change, from how we interact with our friends and family, to how we work and go to school. The system that teachers use to evaluate students has not been immune...

Working 5-9: Students who work during the school year

Eva Fahrenkrog, Staff Member October 14, 2021

At some point during the school year, 30 percent of high school students are employed. Reasons for working vary, including students who work for spending money, and others who are saving for college. Regardless,...

“Don’t Be Afraid”: Seniors share their advice for new students

Zahraa Patel, Staff Member October 11, 2021

Each fall, over 400 students begin their high school journey at LHS. However, as COVID took a valuable year from all students, many feel as if they’ve missed the introduction of this brand new school.  Fortunately,...

Turmoil In Afghanistan: Causes, Effects, and the Future

Turmoil In Afghanistan: Causes, Effects, and the Future

Jack Birmingham and Mia Khan September 30, 2021

Afghanistan’s recent history, spanning over a century, has had many notable historical moments that led to the events we experience today. The United States maintained a military presence in Afghanistan...

The Sophomore Student Council painted on Pizzeria Devilles windows.

Students Come Together for Homecoming Window Painting in Downtown Libertyville

Sarah Wuh, Opinions Editor September 27, 2021

On Sunday the 27th of September, students of various clubs, activities, and sports gathered for the annual decoration of downtown Libertyville's windows to commemorate Homecoming. Each group received designated...

Native and non-native species in your backyard

Native and non-native species in your backyard

Katherine Thomey, Staff Member June 3, 2021

Lake County is home to scores of forest and nature preserves filled with bustling habitats of plants and animals. Within these ecosystems reside life forms native to the area, ones that naturally occur...

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