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The last and final song was a rendition of “The Skeleton Dance” from Silly Symphony. The symphony orchestra played the music to the video as it was playing.
LHS orchestra performs at the Fright Night concert
Alex Clark, Staff Member • October 16, 2021

On October 14, 2021, all levels of orchestra, directed and conducted by Jeremy Marino, participated in their Fright Night concert to celebrate Halloween with students and...

The Dairy Dream store, located just down the street from Libertyville High School, has earned a special place in the hearts of residents.
Dairy Dream: Sixty Years of Soft Serve
Jack Birmingham, Staff Member • October 15, 2021

Dairy Dream, a family-owned and family-run establishment, has served as an iconic spot in Libertyville since 1961. It is known not only for its 28 delicious flavors of ice...

Bus schedule changes have been ongoing since the start of the school year, which have been due to factors such as fewer bus drivers, COVID-19, heightened license requirements, and more.
LHS Experiencing a Lack of Bus Drivers
Natalie Isberg, Copy Editor • October 14, 2021

Libertyville High School and the surrounding Lake County area is experiencing a severe lack of bus drivers for their bus routes. The issue has been causing delays in bus...

The currently dull, empty space of the Field House will soon be floored with the new Mondo surface.
Field House improvements underway
Andrew Brooks, Sports Editor • October 14, 2021

Libertyville High School recently made the decision to redo the Field House, the all-purpose gym space used for most of the school’s sports and physical education classes....

Chloe Cashman, senior, showing off her “95% secondhand” wardrobe.
Fashion Forward: Style at LHS
Liv Martin, Staff Member • October 14, 2021

At this point, most people are probably sick of hearing about COVID this and quarantine that, but that doesn’t change the fact that quarantine had a powerful and lasting effect on everyone and everything,...

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Whats Trending: Valued Places in Libertyville
What's Trending: Valued Places in Libertyville
Ella D'Amore, Staff Member • October 14, 2021

The High School A “home away from home” for so many, Libertyville High School truly is the heart of the community. Students value LHS because of its inclusivity, comfort, and amenities. The high school...

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Working 5-9: Students who work during the school year
Eva Fahrenkrog, Staff Member • October 14, 2021

At some point during the school year, 30 percent of high school students are employed. Reasons for working vary, including students who work for spending money, and others who are saving for college. Regardless,...

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“Don't Be Afraid”: Seniors share their advice for new students
Zahraa Patel, Staff Member • October 11, 2021

Each fall, over 400 students begin their high school journey at LHS. However, as COVID took a valuable year from all students, many feel as if they’ve missed the introduction of this brand new school.  Fortunately,...

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Girls swim team defeats Waukegan in final dual meet of 2021 season

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