New Clubs Arrive At LHS: W.I.B.L and Book Club

Brianna Baez, Staff writer

LHS has recently added two new clubs that are available to the entire student body: Current Events Club and Book Club.

Current Events Club

Members are participating in a discussion about W.I.B.L's latest topic.
Members are participating in a discussion about W.I.B.L’s latest topic.

Started by senior Sophia Lahmers, the W.I.B.L. (World is Bigger than Libertyville) club is for all students who are interested in the world outside of Libertyville. Every Tuesday morning in Room 219, students meet to discuss topic such as international news and domestic issues. In W.I.B.L, all students share a common goal.

“The goal of the club is for students to pop the ‘bubble’ and see the world outside of Libertyville,” said Ms. Sarah Greenswag, the faculty adviser of the club. “It is open to anybody! We encourage people to come hungry and open-minded.”

The students are expected to have a basic background knowledge on each topic discussed.

“I love being able to speak my mind about a topic. I usually don’t have a lot of time to watch TV and catch up on the news, but current events club informs me and plus there is breakfast!” replied Sophia Lahmers when asked her favorite part of W.I.B.L.

In the future, Ms. Greenswag hopes that a service component is added. If there ever comes a time where the club is passionate about a subject and would like to take action, a service component would help with that.

“Current events has been AWESOME!” wrote Lahmers in an email. “It is hard to get some people to come because it’s the morning of a Tuesday but I promise it is worth it to come! Bring your friends and try out W.I.B.L!”

Book Club

Students in Book Club participate in an active discussion about their latest read.
Students in Book Club participate in an active discussion about their latest read.

Once a month in the school library, students who are in Book Club gather together to discuss their latest read. Each meeting is announced through the daily announcements during third period. Light snacks are provided at each meeting.

Students who love to read and discuss literature will enjoy being a part of Book Club. Books are selected by the students and by other factors, such as public reviews, teenage interests, professional recommendations and award lists.

At the first Book Club meeting, John Green’s Paper Towns was discussed.

Students are expected to read the book of the month and come prepared to share their thoughts and ideas for the discussion. Book Club’s main goal is to provide a space for students who want to voice their opinions and discuss literature with other members.

The club was founded by freshman Amanda Peter; Peter and her friends were active members at their middle school book club. A decision was made to bring the book club to LHS. In the future, Book Club hopes to take part in a philanthropy and possibly host a community event with Cook Memorial Public Library.

Mrs. Amy Wiggins, one of the advisors of Book Club, mentioned that “students are always welcome to join Book Club.  If they are interested in the book of the month, we hope they join our discussion.”