LHS Boys Bowling wins close match against Grayslake Central


Luke Ekdahl

The Libertyville Varsity Boys Bowling team won Tuesday’s meet, 2,818 pins to 2,809 pins against Grayslake Central.

Luke Ekdahl, Staff Writer

As election results began to flood in Tuesday night, the Libertyville varsity boys bowling team fought hard against Grayslake Central at Brunswick Zone Hawthorn and won with an overall pin total of 2,818 to Grayslake Central’s 2,809.  

The meet started off strong for Libertyville, with the first game having a pin total of 1,050 over Grayslake Central’s 906, winning by 144 pins.  

“Game 1 was one of our highest in history,” said head coach Rob Sweno in reference to the high pin total of the first third of the meet. All five bowlers strung multiple strikes together, as they got off to an incredible start.  

Going into game two, the Wildcats started strong, but as the game progressed, the score began to tighten, and Libertyville lost with a pin total of 942, just 9 pins shy of Grayslake Central’s 951.  

After a really strong start to the night, the team ended up losing game three to the Rams by a slightly larger margin than game two. Specifically, the Wildcats had 826 total pins versus the Rams’ 952 total pins.

Despite only winning the first game, the Wildcats were able to eke out a win over the Rams because of the large margin they accumulated in the first game that put them over the top in the end by nine pins.

“It didn’t go great, but it was a good night,” commented Junior Daniel Kaputa on the results of the meet.

Head coach Rob Sweno said that it was “A great start to the season,” in reference to the Wildcats meet at Hawthorn.

The Wildcats will continue their season playing a tournament against Lake Park at Brunswick Zone this Saturday.