Art Show 2016: Recap


LHS hosted its annual art show on Thursday, May 27th.

Tia Petrzilka, Features Editor

This past week, LHS hosted its annual art show, a publically open event highlighting both student and staff work, with an emphasis on Advanced Placement art students.

While Advanced Placement students are prominently featured, artwork is represented from every student who is “enrolled in a visual art course this year,” according to the LHS website.

LHS offers a magnitude of arts classing ranging from Dark Room Photography to Jewelry Metalsmithing.  

“My favorite part about the show is seeing [all] of the artwork on display at once,” explained LHS art teacher and district member of seven years, Ms. Allison Molloy.  

The event kicked off with the usual silent auction.  The auction included pieces from both students and staff members.  

A new addition to the show this year was live music from the band and orchestra members, which provided “ambience for the show,” according to Molloy.

Every year at the show, AP students get to display their work on a shared board and get to decide how to decorate their board.  While many students often bring comfy chairs, everyone seems to have a distinct style of their own.

Junior Grace Lynch, who plans to further her art studies in college, explained how she chose to decorate her board.

“[Senior] Mary [Ahern] and I decorated our board to make it very [homey] and comfortable knowing we would be there for an entire day,” she explained.  “My favorite part was the chairs that we brought and the different mason jars that we filled with flowers.”

One AP 3D art student, senior Kyra Pan, chose to go outside her classroom work by sharing her costume designing skills, with pieces based on the Lord of the Rings series.

[Her] Cosplay costumes and props are amazing,” mentioned Ms. Molloy.

Apart from the AP boards, artwork was displayed throughout the gym on boards as well as on the gym’s walls, with most of the boards for 2-D art lining the sides of the gym and 3-D art in displayed in the center.  

“We have a lot of talented and visual kids to work with at LHS. I love meeting families on the night of the show, seeing all of the alumni who return to visit, and experiencing each AP student’s unique booth setup,” stated Ms. Molloy.