Painting the Road to Home

What better way to kick off Homecoming Spirit Week 2022 than to decorate the 150 year old Petranek’s Pharmacy from left to right!

It’s that time of the year again! September is coming to a close, and plans are being finalized as the week of Homecoming 2022 has officially begun!

On Sunday September 25th, 2022, the multiple Libertyville High School clubs, sports teams, and student council boards banded together, with the help of multiple chaperones, to paint the windows of the restaurants & stores of downtown Libertyville. Since the theme for Homecoming this year is “All Roads Lead to Home,” the students of Libertyville High School quickly got to work decorating in style, in order to kick off the incoming Homecoming spirit week. 

Once the students started painting, the day seemed to brighten immediately. Many students found much enjoyment in the collaboration with other sports or clubs and some even volunteered to help their friends involved with other activities paint their windows. Jack Neville, a member of the Libertyville High School Latin Club, described the collaboration with his team as a positive experience and was happy to support it. “I feel that I’m spreading very good vibes with everyone who sees it,” Neville said. “I hope it brightens their day a little bit.”

Not only did many students paint for Homecoming, but they also painted for their own clubs in the process. Many students involved with the project found it a great opportunity to represent not only who they are, but how they represent and support themselves and their club. Amanda Sekili, the public relations director of the Gender-Sexuality Alliance, said that GSA helps her to be herself, and she loves that she can be together with everybody in a judgment-free environment with an accepting community. “I think it’s special that there’s a representation, [that] there are people that are from other clubs that are also in GSA,” Amanda said. “You can be an athlete and you can also be in GSA. You can be in the choir and also be in GSA. GSA is open to everyone regardless of who you are, and it’s a great way to provide support for those who identify within the LGBTQ+ community.”

As the main event of the Homecoming Spirit Week, the Homecoming Dance, rapidly approaches, students are ecstatic about the upcoming get-down. And it’s not just the students who are excited to bop around on the dance floor. Many of the teachers including Dr. Jennifer Khan are excited to participate in the approaching Homecoming parade with her LEAF members. “I love the homecoming parade,” Dr. Khan said. “Everyone loves receiving the free flowers that LEAF gives away and it’s just a nice feeling to be able to spread that plant love”. 

Although some are excited about the approaching dance, there are some who appreciate this ceremonial custom to kick off one of the most favored times of the year. “I think it’s such a great tradition which is part of what makes our school so great,” said Sean Ferrell, the coach for the girls softball team. “Just taking part in the homecoming tradition of painting the windows is an opportunity for us, our kids, and our players to all be together and do something fun together.”

So without further ado, strap in ladies and gentleman, as this is the time of the year where we enjoy the fun and friendly company of others as we delve deeper into what seems to be the everlasting fun of the incoming road trip around Libertyville High School.