Members are Digging Intramural Volleyball


Dylan Heimert

Juniors Bryce Pinsel (right) and Edward Steenkolk (left) are members of this new club.

LHS has recently introduced a new club: intramural volleyball.

The club was started at the beginning of this school year and is sponsored by Ms. Carrie Niemet. The co-ed club meets every Wednesday from 6-8 p.m. in the Fieldhouse. Boys and girls often play on the same team, which is significantly different than IHSA volleyball, which is separated by gender.

Miss Niemet said they spend their 2 hours in many different ways. ¨We’ve done king of court style volleyball. We’ve done a regular 3 set game.  We’ve split up the courts and ran a competitive court and non-competitive court.¨ says Niemet.

“The main difference between regular volleyball and intramural [is] how serious it’s taken,” said Tess Styler, a junior and member of the club.

Bryce Pinsel, a member of the club and junior who has also played volleyball for the school, added that “regular [volleyball] is way more competitive, and intramural is for fun.”

Ed Steenkolk, a junior and another club member, says that intramural volleyball is “a lot more chill” and that everyone is “okay with [him] doing a terrible job.”

Styler said she joined because she “thought it’d be a lot of fun.” She added, “I’m not the best at volleyball, but it’s still a lot of fun because I’m able to hang out with my friends and make new ones!”

Pinsel said he joined because he was “recommended to do it by a friend” and he added that it’s “just a fun way to hang out with friends, whether or not you’re good or bad.”

Steenkolk had a different experience in joining: “Well, I was walking to go home, and then Tess Styler came up to me and said, ‘Hey Ed, you should join intramural volleyball.’” He decided that he would, and he loves it.

Ms. Niemet said that she agreed to be the sponsor of the club because she “wanted an opportunity to get back into athletics…that would be fun, yet not as time-consuming.”

Volleyball is now one of the many intramural sports that exists at LHS. Students are also offered weightlifting, basketball, badminton, bowling and flag football.