TED Talks coming to Libertyville


Ian Cox

The TED Talk club, founded by John Scott and sponsored by Melissa Gorski and Christopher Thomas, aims to help members improve their public speaking skills. The first meeting is on Monday, Oct. 16 in Ms. Gorski’s room.

The new TED Talk Club at LHS allows students to practice public speaking and improve their presentation skills.

The new club was founded by senior John Scott. The first meeting is planned for Monday, Oct. 16, and the club will meet on Mondays in Ms. Melissa Gorski’s room, 1109.

The club plans on teaching members how to “publicly speak in front of an audience while also talking about what they’re passionate about,” Scott said.

Scott said that “there [were] a lot of people who gave a lot of interest in the club.” The club is open to everyone and there are no requirements to join, whether a student is good at public speaking or wants to improve.

Members “are going to try to practice speaking in front of a crowd and learn how to first get the basic skills of a public speaker by talking without stuttering or looking at the crowd and just getting those basic skills,” said Scott, “eventually talking about what they’re passionate and learning what they’re passionate about.”

The club has two faculty sponsors: English teachers Mr. Christopher Thomas and Ms. Melissa Gorski. The club will “[celebrate] and [experience] TED Talks, learning about how to design an inspirational or effective talk, as well as learning and exploring the skills in designing and learning and delivering a TED Talk,” said Mr. Thomas.

Activities will be organized the way the club members want them to be. “[The club] gives students the opportunity to do what they want throughout. I’m kind of leaving it to them to how they want to structure it,” Ms. Gorski said.

Ms. Gorski added that Scott “wants to start something different here. We don’t have a TED Talk club and there are people in our school who, that’s their thing. They want to learn how to be a public speaker and they want to have their voice and opinions be heard, and I think it gives them another outlet…”

Scott said that the club is “a great way to tell people about things or talents that nobody really knows about you and is a great way to practice public speaking. Because in life, it’s an important skill for anyone to have.”