Drops of Ink

Seniors paint their carpool parking spaces

Partly because they love the drink and partly because it’s a meme, trio Aiden Bare, Thomas Wanda and Charlie Herbert decided to immortalize Sprite Cranberry with their parking spot.

Cali Lichter, Staff Member

September 9, 2019

The carpool program at LHS has been brought back for a second year. Introduced last year in part as a way to ensure parking spaces for students in the limited parking lot, seniors who carpool with one another get a designated parking spot on campus, which they are invited to paint. This year, there a...

Businesses turn over throughout Libertyville

Lovin’ Oven Cakery, a bakery located in downtown Libertyville, will be closing at the end of June due to economic factors.

Ella Marsden, Staff Member

May 19, 2019

Throughout Libertyville, several new businesses are opening while older ones have recently closed. Pam Hume, the executive director of MainStreet Libertyville, a nonprofit organization dedicated toward promoting downtown Libertyville, explained that while it’s sad to see Libertyville busin...

Asbestos, lead removed recently

Room 130 is one of the foreign language classrooms where asbestos was found under the floor tiles. The asbestos was discovered in early April; the classrooms are expected to ready to use on May 20.

Moira Duffy, Staff Member

May 16, 2019

Libertyville High School is working to eliminate certain building-wide issues that have arisen recently, such as the presence of asbestos and lead paint, as well as update the heating and air conditioning systems. The renovation of these issues has begun and there are various dates for when specific...

Officer Racic promoted to Sergeant; Officer Kincaid named next LHS SRO

Current SRO Dusan Racic (right) has been promoted to Sergeant at the Libertyville Police Department and will leave LHS at the end of the 2018-2019 school year; Officer Wayne Kincaid (left) will take over the SRO duties.

Maggie Burnett, Editor-in-Chief

May 13, 2019

School Resource Officer (SRO) Dusan Racic was promoted to Sergeant within the Libertyville Police Department in February, meaning he will be leaving his position at Libertyville High School. Officer Wayne Kincaid was named his replacement earlier this month. This promotion comes for Sgt. Racic after pa...

Mr. Kim leaves LHS; Social Studies Department starts hiring process

Mr. Kim reflects on the two years he taught at LHS, saying,

Andrew Benoit, Staff Member

May 4, 2019

One of LHS’s newest teachers, Mr. Jonathan Kim, is leaving after two years at the school, which leaves his teaching spot open for a new hire. Mr. Kim is planning on moving to California and hopes to find a job there, saying that “companies like Disney, Hulu or Netflix are very intriguing to ...

IHSA proposes changes for future years

IHSA proposes changes for future years

Moira Duffy, Staff Member

April 18, 2019

The Illinois High School Association has recently initiated several changes in football and enforced pre-existing rules regarding sports uniforms; the organization has also proposed changes including a basketball shot clock. A major change for the 2019-20 school year for football is player limita...

Athletic Department plans to restructure logos and core values

With dozens of different logos at LHS, Athletic Director John Woods is making an effort to lower them down to a modest number.

Charlotte Pulte, Staff Member

April 18, 2019

The LHS Athletic Department is in the process of creating a set of mission statements based on the school’s values, while also condensing the amount of Libertyville logos used to represent the school. By working with LHS coaches and students, they hope to unify and empower the student body. Libertyvil...

BeWell Fitness Trains Teams, Students

Ariella Bucio, Staff Member

April 11, 2019

Although Ben Wellenbach is not a native of Libertyville, he has become instrumental in the physical development and wellness of athletes in the area.   Wellenbach opened BeWell Fitness 12 years ago and is the current owner. BeWell Fitness is a gym located on 1753 Northwind Blvd. in Libertyville.  Wellenbach ...

New pool is still on schedule

The area where the pool is being built and around where it is being built is fenced in, with much of the fenced in area filled by construction equipment and machinery.

George Hayek, staff member

April 10, 2019

The new pool for LHS began construction in December 2017, and it is scheduled to be completed soon, this spring.   Though there have been setbacks to the pool’s construction, such as frost in the winter when construction began and heavy rain in the spring, Dr. Koulentes stated that the proj...

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