Drops of Ink

Do You Want to Built A Snowman?

DIY Christmas Decorations
December 12, 2014

1. Olaf Door Hanger: This DIY is somewhat time-consuming. Materials: large drawing paper pencil hot glue gun 1 yard of burlap white paint (2 or more large bottles) black paint orange...

Students, Staff Benefit from Late Starts

Some students get as many as two extra hours of sleep on Tuesday nights.
December 11, 2014

There are only two possible situations in which a person’s favorite day of the week is Wednesday. Exhibit A, you aren't actually a person, you are a camel and you love to prance around the office sharing...

Tick Tock on the Christmas Gift Clock

December 11, 2014

Since Christmas time is quickly approaching, you may be starting to think about the presents you are going to buy for your loved ones and friends. If you’re a last-minute shopper who needs some inspiration,...

Top Five Christmas Albums and Movies

December 9, 2014

Below are the top five ranked movies and albums chosen not only based on success, but on how they have contributed to the holiday season: making the holidays an exciting and cheerful time rather than making...

Could the new Lammily doll Replace Barbie?

New Lammily doll has a proportion of an average 19 year old body to promote realistic beauty.
December 7, 2014

“Average is beautiful.” This message is something that many try to convey to kids, but Nickolay Lamm designed a doll around this message. As said on Lammily.com, the Lammily doll is made according...

Two Brains Are Better Than One; Co-teaching at LHS

Two Brains Are Better Than One; Co-teaching at LHS
December 2, 2014

Co-teaching, or team teaching, has become more popular at LHS; a couple years ago, department supervisors heard about the success of co-teaching and decided to try it at LHS. Although it had already been...

Watching Your Steps

Watching Your Steps
November 26, 2014

College Cram

These hardworking students have to balance schoolwork, clubs/sports and work along with preparing for college in the arduous college process.
November 26, 2014

While some seniors are still frantically trying to fill out the Common App and starting to send in their applications, the rest, who already sent that information in, get to wait anywhere from two weeks...

Laura Zeng Strives for The Olympic Dream

November 25, 2014

Have you ever had that feeling of success when you get an A on a test or take first place in a sport? That feeling can make a person’s day ten times better. Now imagine getting that A on a test...

In Memory Of

November 25, 2014

This school year, we have experienced many losses in the Libertyville community. These next few pages remember and highlight the lives that are no longer with us, and offer advice on how to manage...

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