Wildcats Speed to a Spectacular Victory in Soccer Game

Sophomore Andrew Slago (6) and his teammates prepare to score as the ball soars overhead.

The Libertyville Boys’ soccer team emerged victorious in the Homecoming game against Zion-Benton, scoring 4-2 on Friday, Sept. 30th. The Wildcats snatched the lead early in the game and carried it through until the last second. “[The games we play] are highly competitive,” stated defender Jake Berlowski, “but we always do what we can and play our best.” The players were well-coordinated throughout the game and put their best paws forward. “They battle every game together,” remarked varsity Coach Kevin Thunholm. “From the best player on the varsity team, all the way down to the freshman team, they feel like a part of something and continue to love the game.” The Wildcats’ motivation and synergy truly brought about the best in them and propelled them to victory in one of the most important games of the season.