What’s Trending: Valued Places in Libertyville

The High School

A “home away from home” for so many, Libertyville High School truly is the heart of the community. Students value LHS because of its inclusivity, comfort, and amenities. The high school serves as a place where students can thrive and be their true selves.

Opened in 1917, the high school has a wide selection of courses and extracurricular activities to choose from, where everyone can find a place they belong, whether that be in sports, fine arts, academic clubs, or anything else. LHS is especially lauded for its performance in fine arts and sports, often winning awards.

Not only do students value the high school, but the high school also values its students. Physically and emotionally, LHS is a safe place where everyone can make memories that last a lifetime.


My Flavor It! Place

My Flavor It! Place is a shaved ice shop located in Downtown Libertyville. It is a small, family-owned chain and opened its fourth location in Libertyville in October, 2017. 

Shaved ice isn’t the only thing My Flavor It! Place serves, though. They also have all sorts of treats, cold and warm alike, that everyone can enjoy.

My Flavor It! Place is valued by many LHS students because of its delicious menu. It is a great place to go no matter what you want to do, including hanging out with friends, doing homework, and so much more. After a long day at school, many students value the simple fun of getting shaved ice with friends.


Cook Memorial Park

Cook Memorial Park is a popular hangout spot for people of all ages, located at the center of Libertyville.

So many activities for all seasons are located in the park. Every summer, the local Farmer’s Market and Lunch in the Park is hosted in the park. When the weather takes a turn, Cook Memorial park is still open and still bringing the community together in so many ways, like the Tree Lighting every November.

Students at LHS enjoy visiting Cook Memorial Park because many find it calming to sit and relax, watch people go by, be surrounded by nature, enjoy hanging out with friends and eating lunch at the picnic tables and much more. The Park remains a constant in the lives of people of Libertyville, always providing good memories and fun experiences.


Forest Preserves

Around Libertyville, there are numerous bike paths and nature reserves, some of the most popular ones being Old School Forest Preserve and Independence Grove. Trails all around Libertyville have always been a staple of the community for transportation, a fun day with friends, athletics practices, and so much more, but never have they been as valuable as they’ve become over the course of the pandemic.

Forest preserves are open all four seasons and have activities for everyone. During the warmer months, you can bike, walk, run, or just enjoy nature and wildlife. They also have outdoor concerts throughout the summer. In the winter, you can sled and snowboard at one of the most popular sledding hills in Libertyville. Old School Forest Preserve and Independence Grove are valued so highly by LHS students because they enjoy being able to get closer with nature and believe that it’s something that people often take for granted, especially during the pandemic. Forest preserves became one of the only ways where students could interact with their friends in person.