Libertyville Baseball Defeats Warren 6-1

Abbey Humbert, Staff Writer

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Abbey Humbert
Senior Jack Peterson swings at the plate during the bottom of the third inning against the Warren Blue Devils.

Abbey Humbert
The Wildcats take the field at the top of the third inning with Ryan Cote on the mound.

Abbey Humbert
Juniors Ryan Green (first base) and Colin Fields (third) lead off with hopes of advancing.

The two teams shake hands after Libertyville defeated the Warren Blue Devils, 6-1. Senior Jack Peterson homered for the Wildcats.

Abbey Humbert
Libertyville has two Wildcats on base leading off during the third inning after Ryan Greenberg hit a single.

Ryan Cote pitches on the mound with nobody on base for Warren with the Wildcats trailing by 1.

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