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New pool is still on schedule

The area where the pool is being built and around where it is being built is fenced in, with much of the fenced in area filled by construction equipment and machinery.

George Hayek, staff member

April 10, 2019

The new pool for LHS began construction in December 2017, and it is scheduled to be completed soon, this spring.   Though there have been setbacks to the pool’s construction, such as frost in the winter when construction began and heavy rain in the spring, Dr. Koulentes stated that the proj...

LHS main gym closes after testing positive for lead paint

While the main gym was closed there were warning signs on all of the gym doors as well as wrestling mats in front of the doors to block the entrances.

Molly Boufford, News Editor

April 4, 2019

Following a positive test for traces of lead in the paint of the main gym, the gym was closed for nearly three weeks to fix the problem; it reopened when students returned from spring break, on Monday, April 1. The gym was closed on March 12 after students mentioned to the building and grounds staff...

Judge sides with Chicago Archdiocese, Approves Housing Project; Libertyville to Appeal

Judge sides with Chicago Archdiocese, Approves Housing Project; Libertyville to Appeal

Andrew Benoit, Staff Member

April 1, 2019

The Village of Libertyville is moving forward in a court case regarding land use of the former Mundelein seminary by appealing a Lake County judge’s February decision to allow the Chicago Archdiocese to build a housing development on their land. The Archdiocese owns a vacant 97-acre plot of land in what used ...

District 128 facilitated first-ever electronic learning day in February

In late January, the Midwest was wracked with life-threatening temperatures and wind chills, including Lake County and Libertyville. Many school districts, including District 128, cancelled school for several days for the safety of students.

Moira Duffy, Staff Member

April 1, 2019

The District 128 administration instituted an electronic learning, or e-learning day, on Monday, Feb. 18, to compensate for the snow day not already allotted for in the schools’ schedules. This year, there have been four emergency days when school for Vernon Hills High School and Libertyville High Sc...

Diversity Week being reconceptualized to better align with D128’s mission

Mrs. Anne Singleton (right), the school’s newly appointed equity leader, discusses the plan for the evening equity meeting for some district staff with fellow English teacher Ms. Sharra Powell. These two teach the class with Ms. Amy Holtsford.

Savanna Winiecki, Editor-in-Chief

March 22, 2019

Diversity Week at LHS is being reimagined to better align with D128’s DARING mission to be more authentic and genuine throughout the year, rather than one concentrated week of celebration, according to school officials. Since the 2016-17 school year, three separate weeks have been set aside and ...

LHS implements Tandem app into curriculum

The app Tandem has been used by Spanish IV honors classes and has raised some concerns from parents and students.

Molly Boufford, News Editor

March 7, 2019

Libertyville Spanish IV classes have introduced a new element to the standard curriculum to connect with native speakers from Spanish-speaking countries through an app called Tandem, which has been around since 2014. The idea of using Tandem was brought to the attention of Spanish IV teacher Mrs. E...

Changes within Libertyville Physical Education Department on the way

Information pertaining to new PE class, LIFE.

Charlotte Pulte, Staff Member

March 6, 2019

Throughout the year, LHS has implemented many new changes across campus, but recently there has been more discussion about new physical education uniforms and a new class being offered to students. Senior Lisa Lamb seeks to change what students are required to wear during PE classes at LHS. As a part...

New clubs started at Libertyville High School

Members of Cubing Cats bring their own Rubik’s Cube collections to every meeting to share their cubes with people and experience solving different types of cubes.

Charlotte Pulte, Staff Member

February 8, 2019

At Libertyville High School, there are around 70 clubs that students can choose to participate in. This year, four new pilot clubs have been created: Cubing Cats, Change My Mind, Powerlifting Club and German Social Club. These clubs, however, are not official yet. All new clubs at LHS start as a ...

Red for Ed movement supported by LHS teachers

Ms. Dana Brady, the building representative of the teacher's union (and second from the right), poses with fellow teachers in their red shirts.

Molly Boufford, News Editor

February 8, 2019

At Libertyville High School and other schools around the county and country, teachers unions are taking part in the national Red for Ed movement, which advocates for better pay for teachers and more resources for students, among other specific needs relating to each individual school contract. The Red fo...

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