The Return of the Cookies

Kyle Laska, News Editor

The beginning of the 2013 school year has been rough. Students have had to get back to the rhythm of waking up early, studying late at night, and sitting through six and a half hours of mental exhaustion. However, students come to terms with the fact that school is tough, and it will only get tougher. Yet, as sophomores through seniors know, the lunchroom cookies were always there to make things better.

The cookies, perfectly baked in a varied amount of delicious flavors, were a top commodity for any lunch. However, this year things changed. The lunchroom made a move to wheat cookies at the start of the school year.

“The new cookies just aren’t very good. I’m just waiting for the old ones to come back,” said junior Darren Black.

“Most schools are on the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and they have to follow strict guidelines to qualify for meal reimbursement from the state. With that being said, Michelle Obama’s National Health Incentive says that we as a company were being proactive with offering healthier items. So our company Chartwells went and switched the cookies to a whole grain and reduced fat recipe for all schools on or off the NSLP,” stated Daniel Lyon, head chef at LHS.

And now, the old cookies are back. According to Lyon, the cookies were back as of September 10.

Lyon, recognizing cookie sales were low, decided to call corporate to make a plan.

“I did make some calls and filled out the proper paperwork (product request form) and stated our sales have  dropped from about 800 cookies to roughly 150-200 cookies a day due to students and staff dislike the new cookies,” said Lyon. “I also told corporate that we are not on the NSLP.”

So, for students, this is a big victory. The cookies are back, and the sales should start to improve. As long as the school stays off of the NSLP, the old cookies are here to stay.

“Everyone loves the cookies and I’m really glad they are coming back,” said sophomore Nathan Edmonds.