Student Council aims to make Turnabout the Sweetest One Yet!


Photo courtesy to LHS Student Council.

This year’s Turnabout shirt mirrors the original Candyland board game. Contrary to last year, one style of shirt will be available to purchase for all classes.

Manal Ahmed, Staff Writer

Vibrant colors, sugary treats, and decadent decorations are all on the agenda to make this year’s Turnabout the sweetest one yet.

This year’s Turnabout is on Saturday, Feb. 21. The theme is Candyville and LHS students and faculty are working hard to make this Turnabout the best one students have seen.

Turnabout spirit week begins on Tuesday, Feb. 17 because there is no school on Monday, Feb. 16. Tuesday is Pay Day, and all students are supposed to dress up as their dream occupation. Wednesday is Babe Ruth Day, when all students wear their favorite sports team jerseys. Thursday is Nerds Day, so kids will bring out their best nerd costumes. And finally, Friday is Kit-Kat Day, in which all students are supposed to wear their Wildcat spirit wear to show school pride.

Instead of class competitions that each grade takes part in during Homecoming, all grades are working together this Turnabout. Decorating is going to be an entire Student Council event the Saturday before Turnabout.

“We wanted to make decorating more collaborative this year. Sometimes, one class does better than the other and we go through phases where one class may do really well and another may do pretty poorly. We’re trying to get everyone together to decorate this year. We’re also doing indoor window painting on all the windows through the main hall,” Student Council philanthropy chair Shannon Roche stated.

The main areas of the school being decorated are the foyer and main hallway. Select windows in the hallways will also be painted by Student Council members. Since the dance is happening in the main gym, Student Council and its faculty advisers thought it would be great to have a lot of decorations in the general vicinity of the dance instead of spread among the school.

The Turnabout t-shirt also keeps the Candyville theme alive. This year, the t-shirt is a black full-sleeve with bright colors and a graphic mirroring the Candyland board game.

“We decided for this year instead of class competitions, that we wanted this to be an all-school experience so it’s just one logo, one t-shirt, for everyone to buy,” Student Council supervisor Mrs.  Maggie Nicholson said.

The Student Council is encouraging all students to attend the boys varsity basketball game the Friday before Turnabout to keep the excitement up for the dance and to show support for the team.