Polls open for Student Council elections


Elise Houcek

Posters for the Executive Board candidates can be seen sprawled all over the LHS hallways.

Elise Houcek, Editor-in-Chief

The polls for 2014-2015 Student Council executive board will be open today, April 28, after school, and tomorrow, April 29. Unlike in previous years, where students ran for an attached position, next year’s board will consist of five LHS students, each to represent the student body equally. Juniors Madison Whitney, Alex Yoor, Shannon Roche, Elizabeth Polikoff, Joey Pucino, Jenny Pahng, Abby Militante, Valentina Tsorotiotis, and sophomores Cam Chen, Emily Yates, and Dolores Palmieri make up the eleven candidates running for a spot.

To cast your vote, go here or stop by the cafeteria tomorrow during school.