Annual art show features student work

On May 3-4, the LHS Art Department held its annual art show to showcase pieces, ranging from 2D art to 3D art to photography, created by students enrolled in art classes this past school year.  

The show was held in the main gym, where there was a festive atmosphere complete with balloons, music and smiling, proud artists. 2D art — which includes paintings, photography, digital paintings and more — lined the walls and the floor had stands with pieces on display. The floor also had tables featuring all 3D work, which cosisted of pots, jewelry, woodwork pieces and clay creations.

Thursday was the opening night, where students, parents and members of the community could come to check out the art. On Friday, students were encouraged to view the show during the school day; some teachers brought their students down during their class period.

Sophomore Anna Heard wasn’t in any art classes and therefore didn’t have any art in the show, but she still enjoyed going to the show to see others’ work: “Everyone’s pieces are super diverse, and it’s so interesting to see that there’s people working on these pieces of art in our school and you don’t even see it.”

There were multiple booths set up around the gym to specifically showcase AP art students’ work from the past year. Booths were shared between two students and were uniquely decorated by the artists; decorations included hanging lights, plants, couches, carpets, tapestries, candy and tables. They feature some of the students’ 24 pieces and a statement from each artist on what art means to them. Twelve of the pieces were part of each student’s concentration, or a specific topic they focus on, and each artist chose something different.

“I love this show to see everyone’s concentrations, which is part of the AP test [and] portfolio. You can see what everyone has been working on this whole year,” stated senior Suzette Garcia-Stam, who has had a booth for two years. “It’s fun because the AP art classes don’t interact very much, so it’s our only time to see each other and interact.”

In addition, one main goal of the art show is to showcase student art that wouldn’t been seen without it.

“Coming here freshman year and seeing this show, I was so amazed, and every year, I am again in awe when I walk in this room and see everyone’s art,” exclaimed Aliya Haddon, a junior and AP Photography student. “You don’t realize it when walking around the school on a normal day, but we have so many talented artists that you might never have known.”

On Thursday night, a silent auction was set up to sell some students’ art. The pieces — which ranged from prints and paintings to jewelry and pottery — were volunteered by the students themselves. In addition to the auction, some AP students sold their work at their booths. All proceeds from both the auction and the individual sales went to the creator.

Garcia-Stam expressed the bittersweet feeling of being a senior at the show: “It feels fun because it’s my last one, my last hoorah. But it’s also kinda sad, obviously, because I’m never going to have an art show again.”