Apple Now Most Valuable Brand in World

Kyle Laska, News Editor

  Note: A picture that was included with this story when it was originally posted has been removed.

   For the first time in thirteen years, Coca-Cola, the soft drink giant, is no longer on the top as the most valuable brand in the world.

   Apple, the software company founded by Steve Jobs, rose to the top of the list. Apple, Inc. designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics. Computer software and personal computers have become their biggest claim to fame, as well as the obvious success of both the iPhone and iPod.

Coca-Cola, who ruled the list for over a decade, fell to third on the list of the top-grossing companies. Google, the internet-related services guru, took the number two spot on the list.

The brand consulting firm Interbrand created the list. Interbrand puts together the list based on financial performance of the company, the role the brand plays in influencing consumers, and how secure the brand’s top money-making products are in their field.

Apple’s value, according to the report, rose 28% from last year. This puts the value of the brand at $98.3 billion. Google rose 34% and holds a brand value of $93.3. Coca-Cola, rising 2%, was not able to rise enough to stop the sleeping giant of Apple. Coca-Cola has a brand value of $79.2 billion, according to Interbrand’s Global; Brands list.

The list rounds off with I.B.M. at fourth, Microsoft at fifth, General Electric at sixth, McDonald’s at seventh, and Samsung at eighth.

“ I think it’s about time Apple took over because it seems like everywhere you look there are Apple products. It just seems like they’ve been on top for a while,” stated junior Jack Shanahan.