Athletes to Watch For


Kimpler is one of many athletes to watch next year

Kyle Laska, News Editor

Claire Keefe

Keefe, a Guard/Forward for the varsity girls basketball team, was a key contributor to the team this year. Standing at 5’11”, Keefe found success in the post, offensively and defensively this year. The ability to help control the tempo on both sides of the ball is a reason why Keefe is looked to as a leader, even though she is only a freshman. She helped the team to a 3-1 conference record, finishing 4-6 overall. “My goals for next season are to become a better teammate and leader. We are going to be a younger team because we lose so many seniors next year, so if we have communication with  each other, then we will be stronger than ever. I believe there is a lot of talent and heart in this program,” stated Keefe.

Ben Kimpler

A dynamic 3-sport varsity athlete, Kimpler plays football, basketball, and baseball. Using his 6’6” frame as a dominant Defensive End, Kimpler helped contribute to a 4-5 season. Kimpler also utilized his size during the basketball season, logging minutes as a Forward, and coming off the bench as an immediate post presence. Kimpler is currently pitching for the varsity baseball team, using an overpowering fastball to stun opposing batters. “I would like to be all state or all conference in all three sports,” stated Kimpler.

Riley Lees

The speedy Lees uses his agility and quickness to excel at the varsity level. As wide receiver, he used a combination of speed and coordination to rack up receiving yards and burn past defenders. Lees will most likely come into the next season as the starting quarterback for varsity. As a baseball player, Lees currently is a key base runner for the program. Lees uses great jumps and a high baseball IQ to steal bases and consistently score runs for the Wildcats. “I’m looking to help us get to the playoffs in football and get a run going.  In baseball, I’m looking to start and have a good role on the team and help them the best I can,” stated Lees.

Stefano T.

As of now, Tsorotiotis is ranked as the 2nd-best freshman in Illinois, and the 16th-best freshman in the nation. With his tall and athletic frame, Tsorotiotis is able cover the court with ease, and is able to get behind the ball at almost any spot on the court. When adding in athleticism to his already overpowering serve, it is no doubt that Tsorotiotis is a top player in the nation, as well as a leader for the Wildcats. “My goals for next season are definitely to improve as a person and player. Especially with Ben VanDixhorn on the team (who recently committed to Northwestern) both of us would like to place top 4 in state next year. Both of us have a lot of pressure even going into this year’s state competition. We may even play doubles, who knows. But as of right now, we both can do very well in the individual state competition,” stated Tsorotiotis.

Maddie Olson

A speedy forward, Olson utilizes quickness and agility to blow by defenders toward the net. Despite her small frame, Olson maximizes her size with physicality and aggressiveness toward opposing defenders. With the ability to make crisp and clean passes, as well as the ability to put the ball on net, Olson creates problems for opposing defenders. “The expectation for next year is to continue to work hard and hopefully get the opportunity to play on this team again. Also to continue to push each other to become better,” stated Olson.

Emily Olson

Playing midfield for the Wildcats, Olson uses her speed and endurance to cover the entire field, making plays in every aspect of the game. With the ability to control the pace of the game, Olson plays a factor in both leading offensive attacks, and stunting opposing attacks. Her agility allows her to play long periods of time at a high tempo, which is a major reason she has logged minutes on the varsity squad. “A goal for next year would be to continue to improve our game and come back harder,” stated Olson.