‘Lville Eats


Caroline Scott

Milwalky Taco bristles with customers on a Thursday night in Sepember.

Most of us are familiar with many of the various restaurants lining downtown Libertyville, and probably have an idea about what they sell there. For those frequent visitors, you may even have a go-to item off the menu. But have you ever thought of trying something new? To help with the decision, here are a few of the most underrated items at Libertyville restaurants – recommended by LHS students who work there! 

Patrons enjoy a beautiful evening outside Sweet Home Gelato. (Caroline Scott)

A relatively new yet growing staple in Libertyville is Sweet Home Gelato. With its bright and simple atmosphere and delicious flavors, some fans have made Sweet Home a regular treat. Some fan favorites of the shop are their rich chocolate gelato and salted caramel, but there are some underrated flavors you simply have to try. 

“My favorite is probably chocolate-covered strawberries,” says senior Lauren Koot, who has worked at Sweet Home for over a year. The flavor combines fresh strawberries with rich dark chocolate chips to provide a delicious balance that anyone would enjoy. 

Another great restaurant sitting right across the street from Sweet Home Gelato is Milwalky Taco. Since its opening in 2016, Milwalky Taco has been a favorite, known for its classic “walking taco,” as well as a variety of other unique combinations. It has become so popular the restaurant recently expanded its outdoor seating for more accommodations. The menu already offers the option to mix and match different tacos for a chance to try everything, so it’s easier than ever to try something new! 

“The plantain taco is one that flies under the radar,” remarked junior Yvie Gaiden, who has worked at Milwalky Taco for a year and a half. “I think a lot of people discredit it for it being a plantain, and I am not a vegetarian, but I choose to order the plantain taco anyway.” 

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, one of the oldest restaurants in downtown Libertyville, illuminates a warm light as patrons stop by for a sweet treat after dinner. (Caroline Scott)

Last but certainly not least, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is the oldest of the restaurants mentioned, having been in Libertyville for years. Rocky Mountain is famous for its fantastic caramel apples, with flavors including “sea salt caramel,” “toffee,” and “apple pie.” As addicting as the apples are, the shop has just about anything you can think of: covered in chocolate. Aside from the classic chocolate-covered pretzels and strawberries, an underrated treat is “avalanche bark”. “[It has] peanut butter, Rice Krispies, and marshmallows, and chocolate chips,” said junior Grace Schulenburg. “Everyone I’ve recommended it to loves it.” 

Some people will never stray from their comfort order, but for those more adventurous eaters looking to try something new, these recommendations could be just the thing!