The Unique Adaptability of the Class of 2022


Sadie Parvis

COVID-19, the mask mandate, remote learning, and the new grading system has changed the class of 2022 lives.

Note: This piece is a staff editorial, which is an opinion article meant to reflect the opinions of the 6 seniors on the Drops of Ink staff. Because of this, the author’s name does not appear alongside the story, as the opinions shared in
here are based on class discussions about the topic among the DOI seniors. The staff is composed of seniors from a
variety of backgrounds and experiences; therefore, the editorial speaks to the seniors’ view on a subject and is not representative of each senior’s exact view on the issue at hand.

The Class of 2022 has undeniably had one of the most unique high school experiences in the history of Libertyville High School.

Gratitude has seemed to be the word to best encapsulate the mindsets of the class of 2022 this school year. After two years of expectations of a high school experience quashed, the 21-22 school year offered more opportunities than many thought would have been accessible.

The senior class experienced significantly less than the class of 2018, but much more than the two grades before them. In a weird transition period returning to normalcy, we found ourselves in an aura of gratefulness and excitement. To now experience the cherished senior traditions, many feel grateful, but many feel guilt as well.

We get to experience the things our older peers waited for, and never got to do. Prom, Homecoming, football games, we got a little bit of all of it. Grades above us did not. While we know the pandemic was out of our control, many can’t help but feel bad, or guilty, that we get a semi-normal senior year.

Many teammates and friends from the classes of 2021 and 2020 feel as though their high school years were stolen. While they are on to another chapter of their lives, they will never get the two years of high school back.

The unique school year of the senior class has been a balancing act of these feelings, with excitement for the future.

The world is so big, and while it doesn’t seem that way now, after spending most of our years in Libertyville there is so much more to explore. While many seniors are excited to continue their education in college or trade schools, others are also excited to start new and exciting careers.

A unique sense of independence as a result of quarantine has prepared us with skills of leadership and success at a quantity that other grades did not experience.

As a result of learning online for over a year, the responsibilities of our education and learning were pressed into our hands. We had to hold ourselves accountable for our grades and how much we were learning. We have been told for a long time by our parents, “I won’t be there to check your grades in college,” and frankly, now, we don’t need them to. We have a much stronger grasp on our capabilities academically, as well as socially.

Being separated from cherished friends and peers for such a long time forced us to adapt to a different style of friendship: through social media. Social media can have its downsides, but teenagers through the pandemic were successful in maintaining strong relationships for months, without ever being face to face.

This adaptation likely ensures that the class of 2022 will have success in lasting friendships and relationships, regardless of the distance.

Although our future is promising and bright, the class of 2022 leaves a lot behind. Being the only grade in LHS for the 21-22 school year that had spent more than a year inside the building, we had the job to renew and uphold traditions from the years before us. The class of 2022 developed a deep and unique relationship with LHS as a result of being so intimately involved in every aspect possible; mental health awareness, sports, academics and clubs, everything you could possibly think of. The class of 2022 gave a facelift to all parts of LHS after returning from two years of the halls being virtually empty.

As the school year comes to a close, we leave a lot behind. We have rebuilt LHS by hand, and leave it for the grades below us to enjoy and continue to lead. Ahead of us contains exciting new experiences and leadership opportunities for us to grab by the helm.

As a result of the adaptability required during our high school years, the odds of the success of the class of 2022 is significantly high. We are forever grateful for the experiences LHS provided for us, and we are adequately equipped for our futures.