Girls soccer defeats Carmel 3-0

The girls soccer team defeated Carmel 3-0 in a match played on April 24. Junior Avery Gleason scored two goals, and Abby Gordon, another junior, scored the other goal.

Vieth makes a save.
The Wildcats are introduced before the game starts.
Gordon brings the ball onto the Corsairs’ side of the field.
The Wildcats celebrate junior Abby Gordon’s goal, which happened only one minute into the game.
Senior Payton Nolan fights for the ball in the midfield.
Gleason, a winger, jumps for a header at midfield.
Gleason gets tackled after going for the ball.
Captain Lauren Rocco, a junior, shoots toward Carmel’s net.
Rocco fights for the ball while attacking.
Senior Lanie Szatmary (left), captains Rocco (middle), and Sally Rogers (right), wait for Carmel to take their free kick after a foul was called.