Life is short, lick the bowl: a review of Lolo’s Bowls

Drizzled with honey and perfected with bananas and tart strawberries, the refreshing Berry Divine açai soft serve is filled with the satisfying crunch of granola. This açai treat is none other than “Lolo’s Bowl,” which is also the name of the newest addition to Libertyville’s Cambridge Plaza, where Panera Bread, Sports 11, and Bagels by the Book reside. 

Lolo’s Bowls was opened on Oct. 23, by LHS alumna Lauren Schick and her family. The restaurant is definitely worth the visit.

As I opened the door of Lolo’s Bowls on a Sunday morning, I was greeted by their friendly staff and the smiling faces of customers leaving after their breakfast. Light cascaded through the large window. Luscious plants lined the floor. Modern decor of lit signs and a variety of seating from high tables to black, cushioned box chairs established a homey atmosphere.  Sprawled across the wall is the slogan “Life is Short. Lick the Bowl,” creating a craving for one of their many açai bowls offered. 

Although the restaurant decided to open with a limited menu to prioritize service, the family will continue to introduce new menu items.  The hand-drawn, cursive typography on the chalkboard menu revealed the options, ranging from smoothies to açai bowls to avocado toast.  This was when the “Lolo’s Bowl”caught my eye.

Delivered quickly on silver trays, the presentation of the açai bowl was exquisite.  The açai base of soft serve had a thicker consistency and a stronger berry flavor than Lake Forest Juice and Jamba Juice’s bowls.  I enjoyed the contrast of the different textures of granola, fruit, and soft serve with fruit juices. The bowl tasted like dessert but is really a healthier, lighter option for breakfast.

Next came the “Koko’s Head” smoothie: a combination of bananas, chocolate protein powder, almond butter and almond milk in one delicious drink.  Although the smoothie was purchased at a high price of $7, the drink is filling.

My absolute favorite is a special item on the menu, avocado toast.  I particularly liked the crunchy, white bread, topped with avocado spread, sunflower seeds and arugula.  The trendy grab-and-go snack is very popular among young adults.

The “Bite of Hawaii Waffle” included a protein waffle finished with blueberries, bananas, strawberries, and honeyed drizzle with fluffy coconut whipped cream.  The waffle is especially sweet, which enhances the overall flavor. However, the “Bite of Hawaii Waffle” doesn’t quite live up to its name. The addition of more tropical fruits and macadamia nuts would have done the trick.

The Schick family has created a seemingly spacious place out of a small room, bringing a new twist to Cambridge Plaza.  I would absolutely recommend Libertyville’s new restaurant.