Warren defeats Libertyville’s girls bowling, 7-2

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Dunkin’ Donuts will not be getting a visit from the now 3-2 girls varsity bowling team in the immediate future. This isn’t because they’ve added a loss to their record on Monday, Dec. 10, nor would it be because of a win.

The “team 300” is a tradition and a promise for the bowling team. A 300 score is a perfect bowling game for one player. The team 300 is completed by one out of the five players getting a strike in a given frame, every frame of the three rounds. If this goal is completed, they all reap the benefits of Dunkin’, treated by their coach, Lindsey Siegel.

It’s a motivational thing. [I] motivate the girls, because I want them paying attention, every single frame. Then really cheering for that person who got that strike,”

— Coach Siegel

“It’s a motivational thing. [I] motivate the girls, because I want them paying attention, every single frame. Then really cheering for that person who got that strike,” Coach Siegel said.

Junior and team captain Kylie Pacholski affirmed Coach Siegel’s positive and motivating mindset: “She just wants us to have fun because she knows that if she’s too strict, we’ll get too down on ourselves and we’ll do worse.”

Although Coach Siegel wants her team to play their best and win, she also expressed that she encourages and expects her players to do so for the opposing teams.

That was evident during the loss against Warren Township High School.

Pacholski added that after winning their first game, Libertyville was on a good track. The Wildcats outscored the Devils 742-693 with 15 strikes opposed to Warren’s 13. While they won this game, two Libertyville players had gutter balls and ended their last frames without points.

However, Warren won the last two games out of the three rounds played. Pacholski said the team went downhill after the second (855-752) and third (824-737) games. They ultimately lost by the cumulative score of 2,372-2,231, with Warren beating Libertyville 7-2. In bowling scoring, you receive two points for winning a given game, and three if you win the whole match.

In the ninth frame of the second game, Warren had five consecutive strikes, which gave them momentum leading into the last game.

In the third and final game, Libertyville added two strikes in both the third and sixth frames. Warren responded, adding a multitude of strikes: four in the third frame and three in the fourth.

Warren’s push in the third game came, in part, from junior Taylor Kailin. Kailin led off the game, bowling first with four strikes in a row. Kailin substituted with freshman Rachel Flores-Mangaran.

While Warren had extra players and substitutes, Libertyville had the opposite predicament. This caused Libertyville to forfeit the JV match due to a lack of players available.

On Wednesday, Jan. 23, Libertyville will play Warren again. Pacholski looks forward to this opportunity for a rematch and feels confident in her team’s chances.

Libertyville started off the season with three wins in a row. One thing that both Coach Siegel and Pacholski look forward to this season is an equal ratio of new to returning players.

“One thing that I really do like about this season is that some [girls like Kennah Porcelius and Kylie Pacholski, the team captains] from returning years have really stepped up and helped the younger, newer girls. To me, it makes me very proud. I’ve been extremely impressed by how these returning members helped to guide the new girls,” Coach Siegel said.

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