Seniors show off their colleges on Decision Day

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The week of April 16-20, seniors started their ABC countdown and participated in Senior Week. During this week, seniors were invited to attend presentations to learn more about college life and how to deal with certain things they may experience.

On Tuesday, April 17, some seniors participated by going to a presentation during lunch about the college lifestyle. There, presenters discussed how to manage time and money in college, how to balance a social and academic life, and where to ask for support if needed.

On Wednesday, April 18, another presenter talked about sexual consent and sexual violence in college. During lunch on Thursday, April 19, seniors could see a presentation about roommates. The presentation answered questions such as, “How do you lay the ground rules for a great roommate relationship?” and “How do you establish a social network in college?”

Finally, on Friday, April 20, it was Senior Decision Day. On this day, seniors wore clothes representing the college they are attending during the fall. Seniors who have not heard from certain colleges yet or have not decided where they want to attend are invited to celebrate and wear their college gear on Tuesday, May 1.

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