Boys varsity water polo defeats Mundelein 2-1

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On Thursday, April 5, the Libertyville boys varsity water polo team played against Mundelein, and won 2-1. Senior Carl Michelotti was the leading scorer for Libertyville, scoring both of the goals against Mundelein.

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  • Libertyville sprints off of the wall moments after the whistle commences the first quarter; facing the camera is senior and co-Captain Carl Michelotti.

  • Senior Nick Harrington swims the ball towards Mundelein’s goal seconds after the first quarter begins.

  • Mundelein teammates swim towards the ball at the beginning of the second quarter.

  • Libertyville senior Ben Sutter (18) swats the ball from a Mundelein opponent (12) after the ref throws a jump ball in the air, reestablishing the game after a struggle of possession.

  • Michelotti shoots and scores a goal against the Mundelein goalie.

  • Senior Aaron Chen (17) attempts to block an opponent’s throw towards a teammate.

  • Libertyville senior Colin Miller cheers after goalie Jack Otto blocks an attempted shot from Mundelein.

  • Attempting to block his opponent, Michelotti swims towards the ball.

  • A Mundelein player throws the ball towards his teammate in the third quarter.

  • During a timeout, the head coach Russ Gates of the Mundelein boys’ varsity team directs the team on their next play.

  • Libertyville head coach Ms. Kara Bosman questions a referee's call after a foul against Libertyville.

  • Seniors Max Kratcoski, goalie Jack Otto and Nick Harrington reach to block an attempted goal from an opponent.

  • Co-Captain Otto excitedly cheers after the game ends, with Libertyville taking the win, 2-1.

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