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We create beautiful work together

Drops of Ink  gives a voice to various individuals in our school. That is why DOI  is a substantial part of my everyday life. It gives me a sense of purpose and helps me stay informed and an active part of Libertyville High School. As this is my first year of being an editor, I learned so much more about journalism. Writing journalistically turned from a hobby into something even greater: an aspiration for my life. I love writing and expressing ideas in a creative matter, and Drops of Ink provides a platform in which I can accomplish that, amongst many other amazing and kind people. The community that Drops of Ink creates within the larger community of Libertyville is something that I would never have experienced without joining the staff my sophomore year. It’s different than any sport-created community that I have experienced, for the better. Working towards a goal of providing our best work alongside many talented individuals is priceless and not something that just happens ordinarily. I believe our purpose as a staff is to firstly, have fun and create beautiful work together, and secondly, to pursue the truth and write it. Being a member on staff for two years has taught me how to manage my time and how to communicate efficiently and effectively with others. The value of those life experiences is of immeasurable value compared to anything you can learn in school. I love DOI  and you should too!

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