Drops of Ink

“It is eye opening when we all share our minds, values, and experiences with each other,” Abdelrahman conveyed. “That’s what LHS is really all about. Sharing everything we have to offer and what we bring to the table. It makes us ten times stronger as a community. I bring my experiences and values as a hijabi to the table- and everyone else has something they can bring to the table.” 

The Beauty of the Hijab

Sarah Wuh, Opinions Editor
December 3, 2021
Many modern posters or campaigns take a light-hearted approach to the issue of womens rights which is potentially problematic while others specify issues that relate directly to the root of the problem. Left corner photo by Jonathan Eyler-Werve from flickr, right corner photo by Silvia Maresca from wikipedia commons, bottom photo by OpenRoadPR from pixabay.

White feminism is not feminism

Olivia Gauvin, Features Editor
January 28, 2019
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