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Sam Nelson


As someone who went to a very small middle school, it’s safe to say that attending LHS meant that there were going to be some big changes in my daily life. Middle school did a sufficient job of preparing me academically for high school. But what failed to cross the minds of the middle school’s staff was the social pressure that came with the many privileges of entering 9th grade.
At the beginning of the year, it took some time to get used to not knowing the faces I passed in the hallway. It was a little intimidating to see so many kids in the same building. To me at least, it seemed like everyone had already formed their own friend groups and cliques. A little word of advice to anyone who feels this way: you’re not alone. I know it may seem cliche, but this year I’ve met some wonderful people who really helped me settle in.
The teachers were significantly different from the ones in middle school. Repeatedly, I would hear “high school will be 10 times harder” and “once you enter high school, you won’t get away with this.” I had to teach myself to relax. The teachers here want to work with you and help you understand the curriculum. I learned that middle school teachers make high school seem like it’s going to be the toughest four years of your life.
Putting the social and academic pressures aside and learning how to tackle the hallways of LHS was something every freshman eventually needed to learn how to do. I specifically remember walking into the wrong classrooms, asking teachers for help, and constantly being late for class. Thank you teachers for pardoning my lateness at the beginning of the year.
When walking throughout the halls of LHS, I’ve noticed many popular errors made by my freshman peers, one of which is a very important issue: the freshman backpack. For those who don’t know what a freshman backpack is, it’s typically a common mistake made by freshmen who feel the need to stuff everything they own into their backpack and lug it around for the whole school day. As someone who had a major case of freshman backpack, I realized how useful lockers can be. Seriously, use your lockers, future freshmen.
Ninth grade really gave me a sense of what the next three years of my life will look like. It gave me a chance to set my priorities straight and get myself adjusted to the flow of high school.I look forward to what 10th grade has in store for me.

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