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Hannah Boufford

Mike Madden

Mr. Mike Madden is the man most athletes, performers, and club members are familiar with. Mr. Madden is the night guard at LHS, with a shift from 1:30 to 10 p.m. However, most students don’t know his actual name. Mr. Madden gained the nickname “Moose” in high school wrestling.

“There was a professional wrestler called Moose at the time I was in high school. I mean, I don’t know why people think I look like a moose, but it stuck,” Mr. Madden said.

Mr. Madden graduated college with a degree in biology and soon worked several different security jobs before going into the microfilm business. Soon after, Madden got a job consulting, and later went on to go into the consulting business on his own.

“When I went into business myself consulting, I was primarily helping with productivity improvement in businesses,” Mr. Madden said. “I traveled the world, I was all over, mostly remote areas.”

After traveling the world helping with different businesses, Mr. Madden decided to leave that job and pursue another one. He decided to go back into security, as he was familiar with it and wanted to stay active.

“I’m not one to stay retired, I like being with people. I think it keeps me younger, being around the kids,” said Mr. Madden.

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