Libertyville girls’ volleyball finishes the season as Regional Champions

Volleyball teams from Libertyville and Stevenson line up at the net to wish each other good luck before the games.

Abbey Humbert

Volleyball teams from Libertyville and Stevenson line up at the net to wish each other good luck before the games.

Abbey Humbert, Staff Writer

Thursday night, the girls volleyball team lost to Stevenson, ending their season. The Cats were the number-one seed for the Libertyville Sectional.

With a score of 25-23, Libertyville took the first game. Stevenson won the second game with a score of 25-18. The third game finished with a score of 25-22, clinching Stevenson’s victory.

Stevenson started off the first game with a spike that Libertyville couldn’t get to. The first timeout of the game was called by Libertyville with a score of 8-4, the Cats ahead. Later in the game, Stevenson received a hard spike, causing the ball to hit the ceiling, giving Libertyville another point and a 15-8 lead.

The second time out of the game was called by Libertyville after a close call that did not go in favor of the Cats. A ball was hit right near the line on the Wildcats’ side. It could have landed right outside the line, but the referee awarded the Patriots with a point. Libertyville stayed in the lead when a player from Stevenson touched the tape. However, Stevenson made a comeback and tied the score at 22. Libertyville was back in the lead after a hitter from Stevenson tried to spike but the ball didn’t make it over the net, and the Cats held on, 25-23.

Libertyville started off the second game with a spike to the corner that nobody from Stevenson could get to. The score was all tied up 2-2 after a couple plays, and the Patriots took the lead with a score of 9-8. Stevenson continued to power through with a lead of 20-16 after Libertyville spiked the ball and it landed in foul territory. A timeout was called with a score of 22-16, the Patriots still in the lead. Stevenson taok the second game 25-18.

Stevenson started off the third game with a point, but Libertyville tied it up the next play. The game was back-and-forth throughout its early stages, with Libertyville eventually leading 11-8. Stevenson had a great save after the ball was bumped to the setter but went far out and almost landed in the bleachers; Stevenson’s right-side hitter ran and got to the ball just in time, but Libertyville still got the point. The score was now 15-11.

Four points later, though, the score was tied up at 15 when Libertyville bumped the ball too far out of bounds. There was a Libertyville timeout with the score 23-21. Soon after, Stevenson took the win after a spike fell through on Libertyville.

The season for Libertyville is now over but not without a fight. The girls finished the season being the Regional champions with a record of 33-6; they had won 21 straight games before this loss.