Bake Sales are Back


Photo by Kayla Fiore

Bake sales will be allowed outside the cafeteria all year for fundraisers and clubs.

Manal Ahmed, Entertainment Editor

Despite the reports that Libertyville High School will have limited bake sales this year, the LHS administration is excited to announce that this is not true and that bake sale policies will remain the same as last year.

In 2010, the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act was passed nationally and was pushed by First Lady Michelle Obama. This set nutrition standards for certain foods and beverages sold at public schools and according to The Washington Post, affected “competitive foods” such as food sold in bake sales and vending machines.

In the spring, LHS believed that all schools across Illinois had to follow this act, but, details were not set and stone and it was unclear whether or not LHS was able to have any bake sales the following year.

However, when Student Activities Director Mrs. Jennifer Uliks spoke with nearby schools such as New Trier and asked them how they were dealing with the new law imposed, New Trier said that the law is not enforced in schools that do not receive federal money under the National School Lunch Program. The National School Lunch Program provides healthy and low-cost or free lunches to public and nonprofit private schools.

Because LHS does not receive money from the government under this program, the bake sale policy will not change and clubs and WISH classes will be able to have bake sales outside of the lunchroom throughout the whole year, Mrs. Uliks said.