Student Council Executive Board for 2013-14 Announced


Kyle Laska

President Shannon Roche (left) and Vice President Alex Yoor will lead the new Student Council Executive Board.

Kyle Laska, News Editor

 In the election for executive board, sophomore Shannon Roche became the new president, and will work alongside the new vice president, sophomore Alex Yoor. Roche, who hopes to make school more enjoyable, isn’t going to just jump in and implement her own rules.

   “Before I make any changes with the school, I want to hear what the other students have to say. I’m going to start making changes once the first student council meeting is held,” stated Roche. Roche looks to improve school events like dances, and town events like football games, by making them more enjoyable and fun for people to go to. Roche also looks to increase the amount of fundraisers during the school year.

   “People don’t seem to find them as enjoyable as they used to and I’d like to change that,” says Roche.

   Yoor is also excited for the role, and looks to make the school more productive and increase the involvement among students in school-related events.

   “I work with our president to come up with beneficial ideas for our school and in the president’s absence, I’ll take over at meetings and such,” declared Yoor.

   The board will also be complete with a few other members. Sophomore Abby Militante will be treasurer, sophomore Jenny Pahng will be corresponding secretary, and junior Kayla Stokes will be recording secretary.

   However, the Student Council goes nowhere without the help of  Dr. Sara Rogers. As the coordinator, she makes sure everything is running smoothly. Even in the elections, she has a lot to do.

   “I advertise the positions, create the petitions and work with the web page director to get the elections posted and calculated correctly,” stated Rogers.