Would You Risk the Robbery?


Olivia Griffith, Staff Writer

Many students at LHS have found that keeping their lockers unlocked is a quicker way to obtain needed materials for classes, but is it worth the risk of getting those same materials stolen?

According the School Resource Officer Bob Uliks, there have been nine reported thefts at LHS to date. This is about the same as schools of neighboring areas, he said. In other words, LHS is a relatively safe school. However, precautions can still be taken to ensure that it remains this way.

One common thing among LHS students is to put the combination in ahead of time and keep it on the last number. This way, you can easily get in and out of your locker without having to take the time to input the combination with every use. This does not, however, provide a way to keep other students from taking advantage from a locker set to unlock. Whether or not the culprit is caught, the victim takes part of the blame for having their locker unlocked in the first place.

According to Officer Uliks, mosts thefts occur from gym lockers. Money, cell phones, and gym shoes are the most common things taken. More often than not, lockers that have been reportedly broken into are broken into because a student has left it unlocked, he said.

“My advice is to lock your locker and avoid bringing valuables to school. If you do choose to bring valuables, lock them, as theft is usually committed as a crime of opportunity. Some people just can’t resist the temptation,” advised Officer Uliks.

One freshman student who asked to remain anonymous to protect her privacy, admitted to having a note left in her locker telling her she made a mistake not locking it, but did not take anything from it. Instead of reporting it, she chose to “shrug it off” because valuables aren’t something she chooses to keep in her locker. As she never reported the incident, the student who left the note was never discovered.

The school does not cover stolen items. If a crime is reported, security will review the security tapes in an attempt to catch the culprit. If they have discovered a suspect, they are allowed to search that person, as they are in a school environment, according to LegalZoom. “Still, the thief is only caught about half the time,” Said Officer Uliks. Reporting the theft is the only way for the issue to be dealt with and taken seriously.

Although the school does not require students to do so, the cons outweigh the pros when choosing whether or not to lock a locker. Still, it is the students choice to decide whether or not they think it’s worth it.



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