Not Your Average Day in Chicago

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Not Your Average Day in Chicago

Emily Luce, Social Media Editor

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Living in such close proximity to what is considered one of the greatest cities in the country, many people in Libertyville flock to Chicago for an exciting day or weekend. There are countless restaurants, shows, museums, conventions, and breathtaking skyscrapers. But everyone gets tired of the same old thing every single time. So, Drops of Ink is providing you some different ideas to make your day in the city one you will surely remember.

  Let’s just say you’re taking a late-morning Metra train. You arrive in the city in time for an early lunch. The Billy Goat Tavern at Navy Pier is sure to satisfy your cheeseburger craving, as well as provide for an energetic atmosphere to wake you up a bit. This famous restaurant serves up delicious hamburgers and “cheezborgers” – the nickname coming from an SNL skit. The waiter who takes your order may yell at you a few times to hurry up and decide already, but don’t worry – it’s all in good fun.

  After your belly is full, head over to the good ol’ Chicago river for a little educational boat ride. The Chicago Architectural Tours are extremely interesting as well as relaxing. The spacious boats have indoor and outdoor seating, so don’t worry about what the weather may be doing that day. These tours will open your eyes about the city around you. Information about the architecture of the buildings, the history of them, and stories about the city itself will be shared with you. After the ride is over, you will be ready for a new adventure!

  Now that you’ve been sitting for the past hour or so, it’s time to do something a little crazy! The Navy Pier funhouse is where your next stop should be. Located near the end of Navy Pier, this house of crazy mirrors, flashing lights, and weird illusions will leave you confused and thankful to have made it out alive! Don’t worry though, it gives you a thrill that you won’t find anywhere else in the city. Be careful – little siblings may not enjoy it as much as you will!

  Most likely, you have worked up an appetite after the boat ride and funhouse. If there is one place you shouldn’t leave the city without going to, it’s Sprinkles Cupcakes. This small but delicious cupcake shop is right around the corner from Water Tower Place, on East Walton street. Each day, they serve up a variation of tasty treats that will leave you wanting more. Some cupcakes have filling in them, while others are just frosted and sprinkled – as the name suggests! Although the line may be a little on the longer side, Sprinkles offers a vending machine of cupcakes right outside its doors. All you have to do is swipe your credit card and choose your flavor, and a box of cupcakes is suddenly in your hands ready to be devoured!

  Whether you choose to eat your cupcake right away or save it for later, saving room for dinner is a must! For a new experience, try Naveen’s Cuisine, located on West North Avenue, near Lincoln Park. It is only a short El ride from the loop, and it’s on the way out of the city anyway. At Naveen’s Cuisine, you are able to cook your own gourmet Indian food, and then eat it! The studio is spacious and holds room for many people at a time. Naveen will teach you how to chop, mince, and roll dough like a pro! The best part is eating your own meal when you finish it. Everything tastes better when a little hard work is put into it!

  After the day of adventures, it’s time to take the train back to the Ville. The day in Chicago will most definitely not be forgotten!