Could the new Lammily doll Replace Barbie?

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New Lammily doll has a proportion of an average 19 year old body to promote realistic beauty.

Lola Akinlade, Staff Writer

“Average is beautiful.” This message is something that many try to convey to kids, but Nickolay Lamm designed a doll around this message. As said on, the Lammily doll is made according to the typical 19-year-old human body proportions to try and help promote realistic beauty.

The Lammily slogan is “Average is beautiful,” but is this the message that kids want to receive? Do kids want to be categorized as just average? Parent and LHS special services teacher Amy O’Neill contributed her thoughts on the controversial slogan.

“I don’t think kids want to be categorized as average, maybe it would be better if it was everyone was beautiful, but yeah I think it may prevent kids from buying the dolls. I don’t know [if] it would attract kids,” Mrs. O’Neill stated.

Many dolls have a unrealistic and disproportionate body image, but the one that is most popular for its unachievable proportions is Barbie. Will Lammily be the preferred doll to have?

“To be honest, no, [I don’t like this doll more than Barbie]. Lammily doesn’t have any accessories, Barbie’s life is so cool. Barbie has, like, 40 houses and cool toys. I mean, yeah, it’s nice what they’re trying to do, making it look more realistic, but like, when you’re a little girl, it’s fun to imagine you’re in [Barbie’s] life and being like her, and you kind of look up to her,” freshman Lizzie Foley expressed.

Contrary to this, 2nd grade kids interviewed on the company’s website all unanimously said they would pick the Lammily doll over Barbie because “she doesn’t look fake,” as said on

“She’s not like other dolls, she looks like a real person,” a second grader explained.

However, the realistic proportions aren’t the only realistic image that Lammily has made. Some accessories that kids can add to their dolls include cellulite, stretch marks, freckles, and acne stickers.

“It’s kinda creepy (the stickers). The doll itself is okay, but the marks you add to it are kinda weird and fake looking. Kids that are playing with the doll don’t usually have acne or cellulite because they’re like four,” Foley stated.

Some may think the stickers are a little creepy, but others think it’s nice to show a realistic doll with natural human flaws.

“…Barbie should make dolls with cellulite!!! Hahaha!!! After all, around 95% of ALL women have it!!!” Pop singer Demi Lovato tweeted.

The Lammily doll has just recently began to spread and become a hit around the world.

According to US Weekly, 26-year-old graphic designer Nickolay Lamm started designing the dolls as an art project in 2013, and parents started emailing him asking if they could purchase his Lammily doll.

“I wanted to show that reality is cool,” Lamm told  Time magazine. Lamm also created a video to show the transformation of Lammily into a typical Barbie doll to show how unrealistic her proportions are.

“ Yes [I would buy this for my daughter]. I think it’s important for kids to know however they look, they are beautiful,” Mrs O’Neill explained.