Wildcats Secured A Win Off Bears 67-52

On Dec. 12, 2022, the Libertyville Wildcats faced off against the Lake Zurich Bears in the main gym. Their clash marked a big moment for both the Wildcats and the Bears, as neither of them let up in their pursuit of victory. Once the whistle blew, the entire court was enveloped in screams and cheers as the teams engaged in their skirmish. 

Quarter #1:

In the first quarter, the Wildcats took the fight to the Bears. Senior Jack Huber (22) took first blood, but Lake Zurich retaliated, leaving the score close with the Wildcats up 3-2. After the very speedy start, each side continued on for a few minutes, each side making mistakes, fumbling the ball, and missing the basket by only a few inches. It was only when Huber made another basket, putting the Wildcats up 6-2, that Lake Zurich, now seeing they may have a problem on their hands, retaliated with even more force until finally, they made their second basket of the game, making it 8-4. 

While still behind the Wildcats, they still didn’t back down. The Wildcats had begun to make some big mistakes, leaving the Bears to plow through them, making basket after basket in the time they had, until finally, the Bears were leading 8-11. The Wildcats, now realizing they may have a problem on their hands, decided to kick things up a notch and get back in the game. Senior Aidyn Boone (40) decided not just to make the next basket for the Wildcats, but to humiliate the Bears in the process. He scored the ball and the Bears could do nothing about it, narrowing the gap to 10-11. By now, the Wildcats had shaken off all their rust and gotten into the full swing of the game.

“I think we’re just getting started right now,” Boone said. “I think it was a little rougher at the beginning. But we’re starting to get the hang of this and get people back in shape.”

After the amazing shot, the Bears quickly retaliated, marking the game up for them 10-13. At this time, the clock narrowed down to its last minutes. In that time, senior Jack Huber (22) scored the amazing basket that brought the Wildcats and the Bears to a tie at 13-13, just in time for the quarter to end.


Quarter #2:

After the 1st quarter, the Wildcats knew they had to play harder, faster, and stronger. Although Lake Zurich again retaliated with another basket, senior Aiden Boone (40) made basket after basket in the first few minutes of the quarter. By the time the coach had called a timeout, he had made four baskets in a row, breaking the tie between both teams and putting the Wildcats up 22-16. 

When they got back into the game, Lake Zurich made a fumble that caused an interception from Jack Huber (22) and the amazing basket that was followed afterward by Senior Willaim Buchert (5), marking the Wildcats up again 24-16. After the Wildcats’ scoring streak, Lake Zurich took a more brutal side and charged at the Wildcats, pushing down William Buchert and making their first basket in the past few minutes, marking them up 24-19. William Buchert (5), feeling a little angry, made the next shot that marked them up 27-19, starting the Wildcats’ next streak. 

Throughout the next part of the quarter, the Wildcats demonstrated their teamwork and control over the situation. For example, there was a rebound by Jack Huber (22) and a shot made by Aiden Boone (40). Then, the next shot was made by Jack Huber (22) as the Wildcats called their second timeout, marking them up 32-19. 

“I thought my biggest strength was being able to control the ball and find my teammates,” Huber said. “My biggest weakness might have been my defense. I thought I let up too many baskets.”

After the whistle blew, the Wildcats faltered again, leaving the Bears to score two more baskets, marking the score 32-23. As the timer ticked down, senior Henry Eads (21) made the next shot for the Wildcats before Lake Zurich made their next shot, marking the score 34-26. By the time the timer ticked to its last minute, the Bears had made a tough shot on the Wildcats, marking the score 34-28. As the timer reached its last seconds, Lake Zurich made a last-ditch effort on the Wildcats, but the timer ran out just as they tried to shoot, making the game 34-28.



As the Wildcats took a break from the fight, the Libertyville Varsity Dance Team came onto the court and took their places. This performance was particularly special because the dance team was not wearing their usual uniforms to the game. Instead, they wore new red, sparkly uniforms to celebrate the upcoming holiday season. Their performance was amazingly choreographed. By the time halftime was over, they had dazzled the stage and left everybody clapping for them as they left the court.


Quarter #3:

When the whistle blew, signaling the third quarter, the Bears immediately scored their first basket of the quarter, blocking Aiden Boone (40), making the score 34-30. This block didn’t stop Aiden Boone though, as he made two more baskets in the time that Lake Zurich made their second, making the score 38-32. Almost immediately, the Wildcats brought back their streak again with senior Kaj Sorensen (3) making two baskets in a row along with another that almost made it, putting the Wildcats up again 42-32.

After that, Aiden Boone (40) decided he wanted to get in on the action too. He brutally went through Lake Zurich’s defenses, as it took more than five different guys from the Bears to stop Boone in his tracks, and even that didn’t stop him from scoring two more baskets, marking the Wildcats up 44-32. Senior Jack Huber (22) made an interception on Lake Zurich and scored another basket for the Wildcats, putting them up 47-32. 

After the Wildcats called their third timeout, Lake Zurich decided they’d had enough of the Wildcats and decided to take things to a much more aggressive level. They made their next baskets of the quarter, got a penalty for knocking down William Buchert (5), and got an interception after gaining the upper hand and quickly blocked the Wildcats from making any more goals. By the time Lake Zurich initiated their first timeout of the game, they had taken the game to 47-39. The Wildcats, realizing they had a problem, retaliated when William Bucher (5) made a beeline for the Wildcats through a large charge attack. It took a lot of hard work to make the basket, but William Buchert made it happen.

“I very much do believe that hard work applies to the game,” Buchert said. “I think all of us work very hard, and it’s obviously showing right now”

With only seconds left, the Wildcats attempted to make one last basket but failed, marking the score at 51-39.


Quarter #4:

As the final quarter started, the Wildcats and the Bears wasted no time in making their first baskets of the quarter, putting the Wildcats up 53-42. From there, it was a back-and-forth match between the Wildcats and the Bears. In the middle of the match, senior Cole Bonder (35) took a nasty fall to the feet and was substituted by Henry Eads (21). 

Meanwhile, William Buchert (5) made two more baskets while the Bears made one basket. After that, Aiden Boone (40) made his 15th basket of the game, making the score 61-46. After that, Lake Zurich got their next points after a 3-point penalty shot, making the score 61-48. Before the Bears called their second timeout of the game, Kaj Sorensen (3) made another basket for the Wildcats, making the score 63-48. 

After the game resumed, Lake Zurich scored another basket that was quickly followed by a great rebound & pass from the Wildcats that Aiden Boone (40) took full advantage of, bringing the Wildcats up 65-51. After a penalty, Lake Zurich made their next point in a 3-point penalty, making the score 65-52. From that point on, it was all near misses and games of keep away as the timer ticked down to its last minute. In the final seconds of the game though, senior Cole Bonder (35) made the last points of the game during another 3-point penalty, making the final score of the game 67-52.


Through many harsh battles and amazing plays, the Wildcats won the night! They had achieved another victory on their own court. As the Wildcats celebrated their win, Head Coach Brian Zyskowski proudly congratulated the Wildcats on a head-earned win. 

“I’m very happy with the way they’ve led this group,” Zyrkowski said. “We’ve had guys fill those roles like Henry Eads, Kaj Sorensen, and Blaise Lavista. They’re all learning from each other and this early in the season when they’re playing together, they all don’t care who takes that shot. That’s important and that will help your team grow.”