Wildcats Claim Their Victory From Blue Devils in the Very First Home Game

On September 4th, the Varsity Girls Tennis team played their very first home game against Warren. The Libertyville Wildcats emerged victorious with a win of 6-1 against the Warren Blue Devils. Right from the start, it was evident that the Wildcats were in for a tough match, with the team off to a rocky start. However, thanks to the teamwork and cheers of encouragement from the team and the crowd, the Wildcats held their ground. Soon enough, it was anyone’s game. Each player represented the peak of their abilities as their matches progressed. It was only the incredible power of second singles player, whom today had been moved up to one singles, demonstrated her abilities on the court with a win of 6-0/6-0 that things started to turn around for the Wildcats. After her win, the Wildcats secured their first point putting them up 1-0. Describing how she gets in the mood for a game. Lena Dogadalski said, “First off, I just like hanging out with my teammates and then sometimes if I’m facing a harder opponent I like to just keep some time to myself before getting into a good mental state”. While the Cats may have won 6-1, they know they have a long way to go. It took a lot of work for the Wildcats to turn the game around and win, and it was clear for the Wildcats that if they wanted to make it far in the season, it would take everything they had in them and more. “So we have somewhat a team that’s very similar to last year,” Head Coach Dan Kiernan responded. “We have two very strong singles players. We definitely feel like strength training and conditioning are going to be important for us this year. Just to get everyone basically faster and in better shape to compete better in certain spots than we did last year, especially the doubles”.