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Lake County Sheriff


  • John Idleburg – Idleburg’s priorities include fighting gang violence and expanding mental health resources by providing increased access to crisis hotlines. As Sheriff of Lake County, Idleburg has already seized over $5 million worth of illegal drugs and over 50 illegally possessed firearms, and will continue his work. He has worked in law enforcement his whole life, and has worked his way from a street cop to a special agent with the Department of Defense.
  • William King – King intends to establish community policing, equality throughout communities, and mentoring. He is currently a Sheriff’s Deputy in Lake County and plans to build safer schools and communities if elected.


  • Mark Vice – Vice is the President of the Lake County Sheriff’s Fraternal Order of Police and a deputy within the Sheriff’s office. He wants to build bridges with law enforcement officers and elected officials all over the county to promote initiatives to keep our communities safe.
  • John Van Dien – Van Dien aims to uphold the constitution as Sheriff, using his 36 years of experience in law enforcement. His goal is making every aspect of life safer, from schools to the community, and wants to be tough on crime.

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