Girls’ varsity bowling wins in close match vs. Antioch

On Wednesday, Jan. 19, the undefeated LHS girls’ varsity bowling won 8-1 in a non-conference match against Antioch. During the first game, led by junior Mabelle Kosowski who bowled a 203, Libertyville tied with Antioch, with each team racking up 807 points. This is a rare occurrence, so both teams were rewarded with one point instead of the two points usually awarded for a win. The Wildcats were able to pull through with the overall win, however, with an 819-735 win in the second game and a 328-323 win through a solid performance in two baker games. The win in the second game was led by junior Hannah Flemming (with a score of 172) and senior Quincy Delude (171 points). With two more in-conference duel matches to go, the girls hope to earn the back-to-back title at the North Suburban Conference championship on Friday, Jan. 28.

lle Kosowski (11) knocks down two pins to bowl a spare. Kosowski had 0 opens in both games. (Sarah Wuh)

Hannah Fleming (11) strikes down eight pins during the first game. Fleming would go on to lead the team in the second game with 174 points. (Sarah Wuh)