Snapshots of Seasonal Scenery

Growing up in Austin, Texas, I did not experience many seasons. It never snowed in the 11 years I lived there, and the only color change I saw was the grass turning from yellow in the winter to brown in the heat of the summer. When I moved to Libertyville, I was amazed by the changing of the seasons. I soon realized that one of the places in town that best demonstrates the passing of the seasons is Adler Park. During 2020, nearly every hour I spent out of the house was at Adler Park, for either Frisbee Golf or Cross Country practice. I saw the park pass from a blooming spring to a green summer, summer to red fall, and fall to a bare winter. I kept wishing I would have documented the beautiful landscapes. So, starting on the first day of 2021, I took a picture of the tree-lined fairway of the second hole of the Adler Park Frisbee Golf Course. I continued this trend on February 1st, March 1st, and all the way through the year, until I captured the scenery of Adler Park on the first day of every month during 2021.