Life After High School Crossword

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2. Money that is owed; many college students struggle with this.
4. The phase in life that directly follows adolescence.
6. The union between two people in a romantic relationship.
8. A first-year college student.
10. A specific subject that students study and specialize in while in college
12. A pathway that many students strive to achieve after their college education.
13. A housing option for students living on a college campus.
1. A grant that supports a student’s education based on their achievements.
3. An institution students can attend after high school to obtain technical skills to benefit them in an occupation.
5. A secondary area of study in college.
7. A break taken between high school and higher education.
9. An institution that many seniors apply to during their final year in high school.
11. A formal ceremony that marks the conclusion of high school (and other schooling experiences).