Reese Koulentes

Tom Koulentes

“Like our students and staff, my days are spent online, [mainly] trying to figure out how to transform our school from an on-site institution into a digital one. This is really hard work. Just like students and staff have to adapt to new circumstances and develop completely new skills, so do I as a principal. This has definitely been a challenge for me, but I am so grateful to hear about all the incredible things our staff is doing, and the sincere and genuine ways our students are attempting to stay connected to our school. My heart has been heavy as I worry about the health and wellness of our students and staff. So many of our friends and families are going through such difficulty. Our staff is attempting to identify everything we can do to help support our community at this time. When I am not learning to be an ‘e-Principal,’ I spend my time playing board games with my family, going on walks with my dogs, reading and binge-watching Netflix. I also think a lot about what we can do when we return to school to celebrate our resilience and reconnect as Wildcats,” said principal Dr. Tom Koulentes.

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