Seeing the Unseen

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Throughout the four years students spend at LHS, there are several places at the school they rarely see. This is either because they are not involved with an activity that uses that space or they do not have access to that location. This slideshow features some of those lesser-seen places. Supervisor of security, Mr. Robert Uliks, unlocked the doors for these photos to help let students see the unseen.

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  • The catwalk is a thin walkway located above the seats in the auditorium. It is used by the stage crew to adjust the lights for performances from choir, band, orchestra, theater and other events.

  • Often times, the catwalk is also used for special effects. For example, the confetti here was thrown from the catwalk to enhance a school performance.

  • The students involved with theater use the green room, located close to the Auditorium stage, to get performance-ready and to hang out before, during and after a show.

  • The green house, located on the second floor by room 242, was used for growing plants in the school building. However, the use has been discontinued due to the new pool construction and the future of the green house is unknown, according to Mr. Uliks.

  • LHS recently constructed a recording studio, which is located near the Studio Theater. A few guitar classes have used the studio already and the hope is to make it available to more students soon so they can record their own music, said Mr. Uliks.

  • The building and grounds team keeps a lot of their equipment in the school basement. This area is also connected to a large amount of storage space.

  • The kiln room, located by the staff cafeteria, is designated for firing pottery created by students. A kiln is an oven that heats up pottery.

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