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The LHS Sports Hall-of-Fame

Over the last 101 years, there have been some jaw-dropping and historical athlete. Throughout LHS’ history, there have been a lot of stellar athletes, but only a select few have left the legacy that the following athletes have. Below is a list of the all-time greatest athletes to ever walk the halls and wear the LHS uniform in their respective sports.  

This list was created through receiving different stats from coaches, looking at past yearbooks for All-State information, as well as the use of the internet for some athletes’ professional accomplishments. Accomplishments during their time at LHS as well as what they have done in college and professionally were taken into consideration. Many sports are not covered in this story, due to the fact that there was either a lack of information on them or some  don’t have individual stats.

Chris Brown
Alex Tam
Melissa Manetsch
Avryl Johnson
Jim McMillen
Morgan O’brien
Matt Heldman
Dan Holm
Ryan Wittenbrink
Evan Skoug

Brett Butler

Brett Butler (Class of 1975)-- played for five different MLB teams, stole 500 bases and had more than 2,000 hits in his career. In addition, in 1991, Butler made the All-Star game, representing the National League.

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