Libertyville Theatre Department stages student-directed One-Act Play Festival

While they work on the reality show “The Final Rose,” a crew member (sophomore Pavan Acharya) is trying to find ways to drop hints about his affection for a coworker (sophomore Kate Barry) but is rebuffed by her insistence that nothing on the show is real.

The Theatre Department’s theme of “See and Be Seen” was exemplified in the annual One-Act Play Festival put in by the LHS Theatre Department.  The Studio Theater was packed on the evenings of Friday, November 30th and Saturday, December 1st. This year’s cast was the largest in Libertyville history, with a ninth play being added to the lineup in order to accommodate all the auditioning actors and actresses. The plays went on at 7:30 both nights, and included an intermission as well as several “Strange and Brief Interludes” — skits put on between shows to entertain the audience while the scene changes. All in all, it was a fun night and a great payoff to the hard work directors, cast, and crew put in for the last three weeks.