Orchesis performs their ‘Dance a Mile in Their Shoes’ show

Sophomore Jenna Gillespie and senior Priyana Acharya dance to the song “Vivaldi: The Four Seasons 1,” remastered by Max Richter.

Libertyville’s Orchesis dance group performed its annual dance showcase on May 10 and 11. The theme for this year’s show was “Dance a Mile in My Shoes.”

Orchesis is composed of 35 dancers and is directed by Mrs. Eryn Brown, who is a physical education teacher at LHS. The company is open to all students and interested students tried out in the last week of February. This year, there were four seniors, 13 juniors, 12 sophomores, and 6 freshmen.

The performance started with an introduction dance, with each grade having their own section of choreography. The dancers then showcased 21 pieces of student choreography ranging in style from ballet, contemporary, jazz and a little bit of hip hop. There was also a 15-minute intermission where the audience could talk with friends and buy snacks, and dancers could see family members before the second act started.

Natasha Overturff also choreographed a piece for the company as part of the Gus Giordano project. The project allows choreographers to work with students from schools for shows and performances. The piece was not open to all of the company, as only returning members could participate. The dance was choreographed in November before the season started, and the girls practiced after school every week to perfect the dance.

In addition to student choreography and Overturff’s guest piece, the Orchesis Men’s Ensemble and Mrs. Brown’s Dance III physical education class also performed in the show.

Throughout the performance, there was a slideshow for the four seniors, showing baby pictures, pictures of previous performances, and where the seniors will be attending college in the fall.