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Lizzie Foley

Jared Hedlund, senior

*This story was originally published on the blog Humans of Libertyville, which can be found on the Drops of Ink website.

“I was trying to [come out] on Bisexual Visibility Day. But, I lost the nerve. I was kind of nervous about it because my parents and my family didn’t seem super accepting. They seemed pretty accepting of gay people, but not super accepting of bi people. Some thought it was a phase or they didn’t think it was a real thing. So, I was a little nervous about it. I remember I got tons of encouragement from [Gay-Straight Alliance members] here. I even had stuff planned out with friends so if it went badly, I could just drive over to one of their houses and hang out for the night. So, I ended up coming out at dinner. I said, ‘Hey, do you guys know it’s national coming out day, and I want to come out as bisexual.’ My dad was very surprised at first, as was my mom. I guess it didn’t go great, but it also didn’t go [terribly]. My mom thought the idea of me being bisexual would be a phase caused by teenage hormones. My dad doesn’t understand the idea of bisexuality, but at least he respects that I identify as it… I remember it was really awkward because I finished my dinner and then I just went and did homework… I’m glad I did it though. I’m glad I did it.”

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